This is a Community Server
[* Only players who are whitelisted have accesss to the Server]

General Rules
Rule #0:    X-ray| Scripts | Hacks | Mods are not allowed. Permanent ban
            from the Server.
Rule #1:    Advertising/sharing other server/s in chat or dm will lead to 
            permanent ban.
Rule #2:    Only links related to the community can be shared.
Rule #3:    Don't ask for ranks/items/teleport in general.
Rule #4:    No offensive builds, names or skins.
Rule #5:    No Griefing,Spamming,Trolling/Flaming. 
Rule #6:    Respect everyone.No abusive language or behavior towards any
Rule #7:    No offensive skins. No offensive religious creation.
Rule #8:    Don't kill players outside of PVP, or build death traps.
Rule #9:    Don't exploit game mechanism to get an unfair advantage.
Survival Rules
Rule #0:    No griefing. Don't destroy or build on other peoples property.
Rule #1:    Don't build 1x1 towers or dig hole downwards.
Rule #2:    No death traps or places where users will die.
Rule #3:    Auto Fishing/Mods/Afk-machines are not allowed.
Rule #4:    PVP is strictly forbidden so don't use Lava or any other
            method/way to harm other users.
Rule #5:    Only semi-automatic farms are allowed. 
Rule #6:    Hoppers are limited to each user. A total of 16 hoppers can
            be utilized.
Other Rule
Rule #0:    Only approved web-links in chat/direct-message/descriptions
            are allowed.
Rule #1:    Don't impersonate a mod, admin or any staff member.
Rule #2:    Don't ask to become staff. Don't ask to become an OP.
Rule #3:    Multiple accounts are not allowed.
Rule #4:    Don't login into other people's account.
Rule #5:    Only semi-automatic farms are allowed. 
Rule #6:    If you are banned, don't make another account to evade the ban.